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“Everyone has their breaking point, the point where they decide enough is enough, and I had reached mine. I was looking for a program that would help me get my strength back, help with my running, and still keep in mind that I am human. When I had an injury, my WELL Specialist was able to work with my physical therapist to work around the injury. Since then, I have improved my running abilities, lost inches, and now I look forward to participating in my first duathlon… and buying smaller clothes.”

My name is Lisa, and i am WELL!

“I started working out with WELL Inc shortly after having my daughter. I was very frustrated about my weight and lack of energy.  Even though I had always been athletic and active, I was struggling to feel like myself. My specialist  has been able to provide support, energy, reassurance, and RESULTS! Best of all, the results last because the program teaches you how to stay well from within, driving the external result.”

My name is Tamara and i am WELL!