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“When I found WELL, I had just undergone treatment for a mild heart attack, and I was on several medications to regulate my blood pressure and cholesterol. My WELL Specialist put me on a plan to lose weight and improve my cardiovascular health, with incredible results. I was able to reduce the medications I was taking, and lose 60lbs in the process. I feel better than ever!”

My name is Linda, and i am WELL!

“Everyone has their breaking point, the point where they decide enough is enough, and I had reached mine. I was looking for a program that would help me get my strength back, help with my running, and still keep in mind that I am human. When I had an injury, my WELL Specialist was able to work with my physical therapist to work around the injury. Since then, I have improved my running abilities, lost inches, and now I look forward to participating in my first duathlon… and buying smaller clothes.”

My name is Lisa, and i am WELL!