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David N Kathy Taylor

We are so proud to highlight these next two people in our Featured Members Section today. They are being featured together because they chose to START their journey toward permanent weight loss together. 
David and Kathy both admit to needing to lose weight for all of the same reasons many of us come to that same conclusion; better health, increased energy, and greater self-confidence. And of course, we all have certain superficial reasons for wanting to lose weight as well, but the true turning point for these two came in the form of an illness that their son had acquired.
     When they realized that their son may one day need a liver transplant, they realized how important it was to lose weight and become more active, since the best match for this type of transplant is typically a parent. To undergo such a surgery, the doctor informed them that they would need to change the way they eat, add exercise, and essentially adopt a new way of life. Since hearing that a transplant was likely within the next 3-5 years, David and Kathy began their journey with WELL.
     They have only just begun, but with the help of their WELL Specialist and the WELL Community, David and Kathy are well on their way to permanent weight loss and a new way of life. For additional accountability and support, they have created a Facebook page to chronicle their story from START to SUCCEED, and we are inviting you to follow along.  You can help keep them motivated while finding inspiration of your own as they work hard to create a more balanced way of life.
Follow their journey at 
This is David and Kathy… and they are WELL!
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