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Everything changes in time…

Oh what a difference a little time can make!

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had numerous changes take place in my life. From breakups to new puppies, from having a personal training business to developing an online weight loss center, from family members dying to new family members being born, time has provided me with many ups and downs. I’m sure you can relate to feeling like you’re on a never-ending roller coaster too. Through all of these changes though, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it has never once been boring. Furthermore, I know there a lessons that I have learned with every single step. 

I love life, and the lessons that life has been gracious enough to teach me. One year ago I went through some personal changes, as I had many times before. But in the midst of the chaos, I forced myself to take a beat and examine the choices I’d made that put me in this particular situation. After a short time of reflection, I created a short list of lessons that I had learned from the experience. I’d like to share these with you now, in the hopes that they might speak to you and somehow help you move through any personal struggles that life has thrown your way. It’s nothing terribly profound, but it helped me to move forward and get to where I am now, which is much stronger and happier than before.

Here they are:

1) Nothing lasts forever… Be grateful for the experiences as they happen.

2) You are important too… Don’t lose sight of your own needs to meet those of someone else.

3) Unconditional love does exist… In the form of friends, family, and pets!

4) Things don’t always work out the way we’d like them to… Dust yourself off and keep moving forward.

5) Actions speak louder than words… Be a man of action and follow through with promises you make.

6) Distractions can be good… But only for a short while.

7) Allow yourself to be vulnerable with those you trust… Listen to their advice with an open heart and clear mind.

8) Be brave and trust in yourself… Even when it feels like your world is crashing down on you.

9) Own your mistakes… Learn from them and move on.

I do hope these little life lessons will help you with occasional chaos that life can bring. If you’d like to reach out to me, please feel free to do so HERE.



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