What is WELL Inc?

Weightloss, Energy, Life, Longevity Incorporated is a health and WELLness company that offers an innovative approach to fitness and nutritional programming. We provide clients with solutions for meeting their goals in a safe and effective way, while creating a connection between the body and mind to achieve sustainable results.


What is the Personal WELLnalysis Consultation?

A Personal WELLnalysis Consultation (PWC) helps participants learn the most effective way to achieve their goals and improve their health and WELL-being. We analyze just how WELL you are currently, identify your fitness and nutritional needs, and we show you the best solutions for reaching your goals.


Why does WELL charge a fee for the initial consultation?

Our WELL Specialists are trained to help you getWELL and stayWELL for life, and this process starts with the Personal WELLnalysis Consultation (PWC). Our innovative 3-dimensional approach is unlike any other in the fitness industry. Our PWC offers you a comprehensive, personalized solution that meets your needs and helps you achieve your goals. Furthermore, the PWC process allows us to identify key challenges that you’ve faced in the past, and your WELL Specialist will help you discover new ways to face these challenges and overcome them once and for all. As such, a fee is charged to cover the costs associated with providing these exceptional services.