Physical Activity Informed Consent


By providing my name and email below, I acknowledge that I have voluntarily decided to participate in a workout and/or program that includes physical exercise of a possibly strenuous nature. I acknowledge, as with any fitness program, the potential for unusual but possible physiological results, including but not limited to, abnormal blood pressure, fainting, heart attack, injury, or death. I hereby assume all risks for my health and well-being and hold harmless of any responsibility, WELL Inc, its affiliates, and any other persons involved with this workout and/or program.

I am knowingly and willingly participating in this workout and/or program, fully aware of the potential risks and dangers involved. If I have any questions or concerns about my ability to fully participate in this workout and/or program, I am advised to speak with my primary care physician, and I will take all precautions necessary to ensure my own safety while performing the physical activity this workout and/or program requires.

Furthermore, I acknowledge that no guarantees are being made on behalf of WELL Inc, it's affiliates, or any other persons involved in this workout and/or program, therefore my participation is at my own risk.

I hereby confirm that I have read and understand the terms and conditions above, and I absolve WELL Inc, its affiliates, and any other persons involved with this program of any and all liabilities as described above.

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