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Kitty is someone that I consider the ultimate example of a busy parent, trying to do it all! When she came to WELL, she expressed her concerns with an overly restrictive or time consuming weight loss plan. Since her very hesitant START, Kitty has lost more than 30 lbs and kept it off by continuing to follow her program each and every day. She’s been able to do so because the program adapted to her lifestyle rather than forcing her to change everything in her daily life to accommodate the program.
This is what the WELL Difference is all about, and Kitty is living proof that it works. Read about her journey in her own words below, and connect with Kitty on Instagram to continue following her journey.

“So, I’ve been pretty quiet about my life recently. Mostly because I didn’t want to jinx myself, but after [this long], I feel like I’m at a point I won’t screw things up. Lol.
March 1st, 2016, I made a decision that I was very uneasy about, but my anxiety and weight gain had finally reached the point where I said enough was enough! Since before the holidays I had noticed I was gaining weight, and I tried things like Plexus Slim, and Trubiotics. They didn’t work for me like they did my friends. I weighed 194 lbs at this point. The most I’ve ever weighed is 205 and that was when I was pregnant with Riley who is now about to be 7. I’m not pregnant now. That’s a problem.
I reached out to [WELL Inc Founder] David Brooks. I’ll be honest, at first I almost blew him off even though I reached out to him! The thought of dieting and exercising while working and taking care of kids seemed like something I just didn’t have time for. David really understood where I was coming from and after actually listening to him and what he had to say, I finally decided that I was done talking myself out of stuff and that I was going to give things a go.
David assured me that a WELL program wasn’t about making me change my lifestyle, but about making the program work for my lifestyle. It’s a promise he has lived up to! You guys, other than going to the gym (which I am getting more and more comfortable with), I don’t do anything different than what I did before I started talking to David. I still eat what I want, I just make sure that I’m being mindful of the calories I take in each day. It wasn’t near as bad as what I had imagined and set myself up to believe it would be, and I just wanted to share some of the results I’ve had.
The first week, I couldn’t do 10 sit ups, or even 10 “girlie” push ups as most of us call them. I couldn’t hold a plank or wall sit for more than 20 seconds and it took me over 17 minutes to do a mile. Here we are 4 months later, and I’m happy to say that I can now do 30 sit ups with little difficulty, 30 push ups, I can plank and wall sit for 1 minute 15 seconds, and most incredible of all, I can run a mile in 12 minutes, and I recently finished my first ever 5K run! I’ve lost a total of 37 lbs on this journey, and I’m so happy to finally be seeing results with a program.
The crazier part is that I am obsessed with it. I’ve talked to a handful of my friends about this journey in depth, but not many. To some of you this stuff means nothing, but it means more than you can ever know to me. To go from the level of depression I was in to where I am now is unreal. I almost don’t recognize me anymore. If I don’t work out, my mood and day is affected. I’m obsessed with making sure I enter my calories, I feel so much better, I’m in a better mood all the time, I sleep better, and my clothes fit better.
I’m so very thankful I took this journey. Sorry for the extremely long post, but I’m just bursting with joy and had to share. Thanks so much David for being that support and strength I needed. You honestly will never know how it’s impacted my life. You have definitely changed it forever!”
This is Kitty… and she is WELL!
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