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My Story – WEEK 1


     The video above is a brief summary of my week, and below is a photo of the stats featured in the video.  I won’t lie, those current numbers are not exactly uplifting and posting picture updates is terrifying for someone who has always had personal issues with their body image. That said, if I can somehow inspire even one person to take the steps necessary to take better care of themselves, it will all be worth it.  I personally have a long way to go, but I’m looking ahead and embracing the journey. The good news is that I have the knowledge to do what is necessary. I am going to take what I’ve done for so many others and apply it to my own life.

     Now, I’ve said it time and time again that having a sustainable program doesn’t mean a perfect program. Having a sustainable program means that you have enough self-awareness to recognize mistakes when they are being  made, learning from those mistakes… even if it takes a bit longer than you’d like to own them, and moving forward from there. It is also about making a program work for you,  not working yourself around your program.

     See, I have a busy life. I have a family and friends, and I’m in the process of building a company from the ground up. These require time and devotion, and they have been excuses in the past. It took a while to put the weight on, and with my hectic lifestyle, I know it won’t come off as quickly as I’d like. But I have etched out as much time as possible to workout, and I will be logging my foods again, even if they aren’t always the healthiest choices. I know from experience that as I move forward these things will become habits, and over time they will be much easier to manage as part of my daily routine. I’m not going to put other things in my life on hold, but I am going to make this an important part of the life I live.


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