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An open letter from WELL Inc Founder, David Brooks.
To My WELL Family,
     Today, I am NOT WELL. The truth is that I won’t feel WELL again for a long time. Waking up to the news of our latest terrorist attack yesterday, right here in Orlando, left me feeling completely broken. Today, I can’t shut off the tears because as names continue to be released, the reality is setting in. 
     Normally when tragedy like this strikes, I feel an immediate sense of empathy and compassion for the victims, their families, and the affected community. Like most people, I turn to social media to share posts of solidarity and support, but soon it becomes easy to compartmentalize a situation like this because it feels so far away. It is a tragedy, but it doesn’t feel like it’s MY tragedy.
    This time is different. It has affected my community and those I care about. I knew these people, and though I knew very few personally, I feel like I knew all of them in some way. I knew them as my brothers, sisters, and allies. I knew them as members of MY community. They were a part of my family, and I loved them. I can’t imagine the impact that this experience will have on the survivors who witnessed this senseless blood bath, but I want you to know that I stand with you, and I will be here should you need me in some way.


     When something like this happens, it is very hard to grasp the full extent of grief unless you are directly impacted by it. When it hits this close to home, trying to make sense of it all is pointless.  In the aftermath, you feel restless. You want to help in any way you can but no matter what you do, it seems like it can never be enough. You just feel helpless. Yesterday I was frozen inside as the events unfolded. I continue to feel stuck today, because you never expect that something like this can happen in your community, in a place where you once worked and often gathered with friends for celebrations and fun. 
     Today was supposed to mark the relaunch of my website, complete with a Social Media marketing campaign and a new members section featuring weekly and daily challenges, community events, webinars, etc which promises “an easy to follow 3-step process that makes permanent weight loss a reality.” Everything was being finalized when this unspeakable act of terror occurred, and suddenly my website felt like the least important thing in the world… because it was. 
     It has always been my mission to serve others in some way. I do what I do as a Fitness Expert, Nutrition Specialist, and Life Coach because I care about people. I care about their success, and I want to provide whatever support and guidance I can to ensure that success. As someone who cares so deeply for the well-being of others, I feel such a strong need to do something that can help our community with the healing process. I simply just can’t stand frozen any longer.
     As we all continue trying to process what has happened, I’ve made the decision to hold off on the relaunch for another week, and instead spend this time reflecting, remembering, and helping others cope in any way I can. As time softens the edges, the shock wears off, and the tears begin to fade, and the WELL: community will evolve and become what it was originally intended to be. But for now, I will promote the spirit of community in the only way I know how; using my resources and tools to evoke a sense of unity, of hope, and of pride.


     Regardless of what you might believe, in times like these we MUST unify and come together as one community and as one human family. United, we must stand strong against this kind of hatred, advocate for change, and do our best to keep moving forward. That is all any of us can do.
Though I’m not sure how long it will take for our community to feel “WELL” again, I am certain of one thing; this will not break us! Together we can and will make Orlando STRONG again, in every sense of the word. In the meantime, if you need me, I am here. 
Thank you,
David Brooks
WELL Inc, Founder
(407) 504-2260
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