Hi and welcome to WELL Inc’s Personal WELLnalysis Self-Evaluation!

 This process is similar to the one used by your WELL Team of Specialists during a Personal WELLnalysis Consultation.
The 4-stage process outlined below should only take about 30 minutes to complete (minus the 1-Mile Endurance Challenge).
These stages include:
Stage 1: Personal WELLnalysis Health and Injury Review: 

  • Are you physically ready to START?

Stage 2: Personal WELLnalysis Measurements:

  • Set your Base Line.

Stage 3: Personal WELLnalysis Goal Sheet:

Stage 4: Personal WELLnalysis Workout:
(available for members only)

  • Fit Test and 1-Mile Endurance Challenge.

Please note: Once each form has been submitted, a copy will be sent to WELL Inc Founder David Brooks and forwarded to your WELL Specialist for follow-up. You may choose to complete these steps all at once or in stages as time permits. Just remember that the more information you provide, the better we can understand your needs and provide a more customized solution to elevate your success in a safe, effective, and balanced way.
If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding the Personal WELLnalysis Self-Evaluation process, please contact us and let us know. 
Thank you and welcome to WELL!