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Moving More Often

Exercise is a valuable part of any weight loss program, especially if you want to keep that weight off. Chances are you aren’t getting enough exercise in your daily life, and it is most likely affecting other areas of your life as well.

Watch the video and/or read below to find out why it’s important to add more exercise to you daily routine.

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Here are some things to consider:

  • Exercise can improve your overall health and well-being, increasing your cardiovascular strength and reducing your stress levels.
  • Working out properly can improve balance, strength, flexibility, and coordination.
  • It has also been proven to reduce chronic pain and the risk of injury.
  • And no matter what myths may exist out there, resistance training WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY. Eating too much and avoiding exercise are the causes of weight gain and a bulky body.

Finding Time:

  • Time can certainly play a factor in how active you become. In time, we will help you build a more thorough exercise program based on your needs and lifestyle, but for now let’s keep things simple. CLICK HERE to see our YouTube Tough Love Webinar on Time.
  • We make time for things that are important to us and for things that we enjoy. Obviously, exercise is important but it isn’t always fun. Rather than “working out,” find enjoyable activities to participate in each day. This can include playtime with the kids, taking your dog for a walk in a nice park, participating in sports, gardening, etc. The more you enjoy an activity, the more likely you are to find the time for it.
  • Do just a little research and find a unique activity to try. This could be a hip-hop dance class, boxing, a tennis club, acrobatics, etc. Figure out a way to break up the monotony of your day and keep it active.

Other tips:

  • Give yourself a specific goal each day to hit, and make it manageable. Just about all of us now use some kind of GPS system that calculates our steps throughout the day. If this is you, you might set a goal for a specific number of steps each day.
  • Be creative by adding activity into your work day. Rather than sitting in the break room during your break, go for a walk around your building, set an alarm to go off every couple of hours to stand up and stretch, take the stairs when you can, etc.
  • Don’t be so hard on yourself. If you aren’t able to hit your target every single day, it’s OK. Just strive to make up for it later and keep moving forward. Getting bogged down by guilt will only drive a wedge between you and your goals.
Adding more activity isn’t as challenging as it may seem. You just need to be aware of the opportunities you have and take them when you can.  
So no more excuses. Get up and START moving!

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