*** If you haven’t begun logging your foods and moving more often, we encourage you to START now. These fundamentals will help you establish the positive habits necessary for permanent weight loss. CLICK HERE to learn more. If you have begun this process, scroll down to download or print your START SMART Blue Print.


Your Road Map to Permanent Weight Loss
~ By WELL Inc Founder, David Brooks
This blue print is designed to help beginners START losing weight in a safe and effective way by laying out the building blocks for a balanced permanent weight loss plan. 
We encourage you to download the guide and use it in conjunction with our START with the basics webinar on YouTube. 

If you have trouble accessing any of these materials or if you have any questions, please CONTACT US and let us know.

After learning how to create your plan, let’s set your baseline so you can begin putting your plan into action.

  • Use this easy-to-follow process to set your goals and create a plan that's right for you.