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Discover the #WELLdifference and ignite your results with our 3 step process and unique 3-dimensional approach to permanent weight loss!
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When it comes to permanent weight loss, The WELL Community has everything you need to STARTSIMPLIFY, and SUCCEED.

START with the basics.
  • The first step is often the hardest, but our blue print makes it a little easier by laying the foundation for your success.
  • We’ll provide you with the building blocks for permanent weight loss, and all you need to do is apply them over time to create a plan that adapts to your lifestyle. 
SIMPLIFY your approach. 
  • Next, we’ll help you put your plan into action with exclusive features, tools, and resources to enhance your program and ignite your results.
SUCCEED with confidence.
  • When you’re ready to ask, “What’s Next?,” The WELL Community goes the distance to give you something extra.
  • WELL: extra puts you in the driver’s seat, with an all-access pass to combine your favorite content and features and create your very own customized WELL program.
Permanent weight loss is possible. All you need to do is START, SIMPLIFY, and SUCCEED.
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Permanent Weight Loss is Possible!

All of our programs feature our unique 3-dimensional approach that provides the motivation and accountability necessary for life long, sustainable change.
Fitness Programming
  • Safe and effective exercise programs that can be adapted to fit any fitness level, from beginner to advanced. 
Nutritional Guidance 
  • With the support of our Registered Dietitians, we help you create a balanced plan to ensure success without crazy restrictions.
Life Coaching 
  • Through better self-awareness, we help you create a connection between the mind and body to ensure constant growth with lasting results.

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Track your Progress!

Our Personal WELLnalysis Process helps to break down the barriers that have come between you and your goals in the past to keep you moving forward. It starts with an online consultation with your WELL Specialist and takes about 45 minutes to complete.  The consultation includes:
Personal WELLnalysis Review
  • We take a thorough look at your health and injury history to make sure your program is both safe AND effective.
Personal WELLnalysis Evaluation
  • Identify your SMART goals and create a timeline that centers around your individual lifestyle.
Personal WELLnalysis Workout
  •  Determine the best way to approach your fitness plan based on your performance with this proven workout.
Personal WELLnalysis Solution
  • Get ready to START, SIMPLIFY, and SUCCEED with our unique 3-dimensional approach to weight loss. 

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  • Go beyond weight loss and START your next journey with WELL Inc.

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To my WELL Family, Over the past week I have attended numerous fundraisers and memorials. Then on Sunday, June 19, 2016 I attended a vigil to honor the memory of 49 people who were taken suddenly and tragically from us. As a member of the Orlando and the LGBT Communities, I  have been trying to figure out

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